• Yvonne Crossley RWA – Recent Work
  • Stephen Cox RA - Meaning in Drawing
  • 40 Artists - 80 Drawings
  • Drawing: Interpretation/Translation
  • Allen Jones RA - Prints 1968 - 2008
  • Lewis Chamberlain - The Winter Visitor
  • Stephen Farthing RA - The Knowledge
  • H.ART (Herefordshire Art Week)
  • Stephen Farthing RA - Drawn History of Painting
  • Anita Taylor – A Mon Seul Désir
  • Contemporary Prints
  • 40 Artists - 80 Drawings
  • Drawing into Painting into Drawing

Yvonne Crossley RWA – Recent Work

9 – 26 Septemeber 2015
11am – 5pm

An exhibition of work produced 2012 – 2015 including drawing, painting, print and construction. Human images, both generic and particular, dominate her work. The implied and the specific are positioned together in mundane and unlikely places which reference both the domestic and the monumental.

Stephen Cox RA - Meaning in Drawing

Given the range and quantity of drawing produced by Cox as an important component of his practice over the years, this exhibition concentrates upon figuration and the relationship of drawing to sculpture providing an insight into the artist's working processes. A show of exceptionally strong works most of which have not been exhibited before which includes a series of imposing 'Studies of Yogini'

40 Artists - 80 Drawings

At Burton Museum & Art Gallery, Bideford, Devon
10 September - 17 October 2011

Another chance to see this exhibition of drawing by leading and emerging contemporary British artists first shown at The Drawing Gallery in 2009 with some later additions. The show includes work by Edward Allington, Jason Brooks, Gordon Cheung, Paul Coldwell, Michael Craig-Martin, Adam Dant, Mark Fairnington, Stephen Farthing, Rebecca Fortnum, Nigel Hall,Tim Head, Claude Heath, Charlotte Hodes, Lucy Jones, Simon Leahy-Clark, Peter Randall-Page, Rebecca Salter, Michael Sandle, Alison Wilding & Bill Woodrow.

Drawing: Interpretation/Translation

Showing first at the HUI GALLERY in HONG KONG: March 2011
The Drawing Gallery;4 May - 28 May 2011

An exhibition which focuses upon the use of drawing in the work of 10 contemporary fine artists. Opening Event at The Drawing Gallery 30 April 2011.The artists will be discussing the use of drawing in their practice. Entry by ticket only. Catalogue available.

Allen Jones RA - Prints 1968 - 2008

30 September - 24 October 2009

An exhibition of 40 years of prints by Allen Jones RA.
(Parallel exhibition in Ludlow - Allen Jones Figures Waiting in Ludlow Castle. 28 Sept - 7 Nov. 2009)

Lewis Chamberlain - The Winter Visitor and Other Recent Drawings

In Association with James Hyman Gallery London
6 November - 18 December 2010

An exhibition of disquieting works, often depicting children's toys and a mannequin in contrived settings, and combining intense realism with fantasy, marrying a psychological charge to a sense of orchestrated calm.

Stephen Farthing RA - The Knowledge

9 June - 17 July 2010

Paintings and drawings covering twenty years of travel to cities throughout five continents, pieced together from many notebook drawings made during strategically planned walks designed to 'learn' the city.

The generic title 'The Knowledge' of each painting is borrowed from, and intentionally references, the exam London taxi drivers take to demonstrate their knowledge of the city.

H.Art (Herefordshire Art Week)

11 September - 19 September 2010

Exhibition of recent work by gallery artists and others including; Edward Allington. Virginia Bodman. Martyn Brewster. Jason Brooks. Catalina Chervin. Paul Coldwell. Adam Dant. Mark Fairnington. Stephen Farthing RA. Nigel Hall RA. Morgan O'Hara. Andy Hazell. Tim Head. Lois Hopwood. Juliet Losq. Barry Martin. Denis Masi. Robert Mason. Wendy McLean. Sam Messenger. Nina Ogden. Peter Randall-Page. Rebecca Salter. Michael Sandle RA. Benjamin Senior. Anita Taylor. Paul Thomas. Alison Wilding RA. Bill Woodrow RA. Bateson & Young.

Stephen Farthing RA - The Drawn History of Painting

17 March - 10 April 2010

An exhibition that celebrates the history of painting and the descriptive powers of drawing. A series of about a hundred pairs of drawings executed by Stephen Farthing over a period of twelve months during 2009. The drawings were made as a creative response to the work he carried out in 2005-6 as an editor of '1001 Paintings You Should See Before You Die', (pubs: Cassell ) This is the first exhibition to openly bring together Farthings activities as a writer, painter and Professor of drawing.

Anita Taylor – A Mon Seul Désir

10 June - 1 August 2009

The first showing in the UK of the 'A Mon Seul Désir' series of epic paintings and supporting drawings developed in response to The Lady & The Unicorn Tapestries in the Cluny Museum, Paris.

Contemporary Prints

8 November - 19 December 2009

An exhibition of small edition signed prints by gallery artists and others.
Bateson & Young / Sharon Beavan / Martyn Brewster / Catalina Chervin / Paul Coldwell / Mark Fairnington / Stephen Farthing / Michael Ginsborg / Lucy Jones / Patrick Jones / Alison Macgregor Grimley / Barry Martin / Denis Masi / Nina Ogden / Morgan O’Hara / John Salt / Rebecca Salter / Michael Sandle / Benjamin Senior / Anita Taylor / Paul Thomas / Alison Wilding / Sarah Woodfine / Bill Woodrow / Eli Zafran

40 Artists - 80 Drawings

4 March - 9 May 2009

An exhibition of new works by 40 leading and emerging contemporary British artists to parallel the display at the Victoria & Albert Museum (9 March - 30 July 2009) of works from the Museum’s collection 40 Artists - 40 Drawings, purchased from The Drawing Gallery in 2007:

Edward Allington / Bateson & Young / Sian Bowen / Martyn Brewster / Jason Brooks / Gordon Cheung / Paul Coldwell / Stephen Cox / Michael Craig-Martin / Adam Dant / Kate Davis / Mark Fairnington / Stephen Farthing / Rebecca Fortnum / Nick Fox / Alison Gill / Lucy Jones / Nigel Hall / Juliet Haysom / Tim Head / Claude Heath / Charlotte Hodes / Simon Leahy-Clark / David Leapman / Simon Lewty / Juliette Losq / Barry Martin / Robert Mason / Sam Messenger / Nina Ogden / Peter Randall-Page / Paul Ryan / Rebecca Salter / Michael Sandle / Benjamin Senior / Anita Taylor / Paul Thomas / Alison Wilding / Sarah Woodfine / Bill Woodrow.

Drawing into Painting into Drawing

12 November 2008 - 17 January 2009

New work by: Edward Allington. Stephen Farthing. Barry Martin. Robert Mason. Rebecca Salter. Anita Taylor.